Planetary Annihilation enters its final hours, Galactic War achieved, full orchestra next

Planetary Annihilation may be one of the most successful, well done Kickstarters of the year, right up there with Double Fine Adventure and Brian Fargo’s Wasteland 2. So far the project has been able to attract tons of attention that as of this writing has amounted to over $1.9 million!

The Galactic War stretch goal announced last week has already been achieved. Next they will be setting their sights on paying for a full orchestral score to the game from the Northwest Sinfonia, the same orchestra that has done music for Total Annihilation and Halo. With a game that has such a large scope I believe this will be a fine addition and it looks like Uber will have no problem achieving it.

A complete, detailed list of reward tiers was also posted yesterday, which if you were on the fence about contributing I think you should check out. Those who want to name one of the planets in the game should definitely take a look at the new $140 digital-only tier. Also announced today is a bonus USB keychain with a full copy of the game to be loaded on it for an additional $20. The design of the keychain hasn’t been decided yet, but it will probably be in the shape of one of the commanders in the game. If you want a physical copy of the game, this is going to be one of the coolest ways to get it.

As they enter into the final hours they will be livestreaming their dev team and probably celebrating with lots of fancy drinks. I usually don’t get too excited about these things, but I love both Uber and Total Annihilation, so this one has been a little special for me. The livestream starts at 10 AM tomorrow.

Has Planetary Annihilation done enough to get you to pledge?


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