Planetary Annihilation sets its sights for all-out Galactic War

Its easy to see how I have been extremely excited over the updates for Planetary Annihilation. After all, TA really needed another shot for greatness after Supreme Commander 2 sort of fell flat on its face. Naval units have officially been “achieved” and the campaign is now shifting its sights for an even grander scale battle in what they call “Galactic War“.

At the $1.8 million level of funding, Uber Entertainment promises to create this mode in what would be a multiplayer metagame. A procedurally generated galaxy map will be created to play in single player, co-op or over a mega online multiplayer match. This feature will even have clan wars to duke it out between large groups of players.

Ultimately what I think Uber aims to achieve with this new goal is a dynamic single player campaign in place of the more traditional “story singleplayer”. In other words, it would be more like playing a game of Civilization against the computer than it would be like playing the campaign for Starcraft.

Here is a detailed list of the content promised if the stretch goal is achieved:

  • Procedurally generated galaxy map, play a different galaxy every time!
  • Single player and co-op for local play
  • Online multiplayer mega-battles. Join a faction and plunder the universe!
  • Clan wars servers for fighting the galactic war between clans
  • Dynamic story system that logs your fight and generates exciting counter attacks and special missions that up the challenge level

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