Slicing watermelons in Metal Gear Solid Rising

I briefly walked into the Metal Gear Solid Rising booth at PAX over the weekend and was a little surprised to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently everyone was preoccupied with playing a more serious version of Fruit Ninja.

Yep, rather than train you on some easy enemies, holograms or wooden pillars, the game has you slicing a bunch of watermelons as a tutorial. I thought it was funny enough to take a couple of pictures.

Of course the real missed opportunity was doling out (Dole, get it?) some sort of watermelon snack or even a watermelon plushie, but I digress. I declined to play the demo myself as I’m currently working my way through the Metal Gear Solid HD collection and didn’t want to ruin any parts of the story. More on that another time, but for now, check out this freshly sliced melon!


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Hailing from Portland, OR I work by day and blog by night. I like to consider myself a video game connoisseur, playing as many new things as I can get my hands on. Its hard to hold me down to one game for very long before I move on to the next big thing. Luckily, that works pretty well in terms of video game blogging.

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