Janessa’s Post PAX Wrap-Up: Why is Nintendo so good at taking my money?

I was one of the lucky few to attend PAX this weekend for the third year in a row, and just like every year, my life will never be the same. All the big names were there: Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda and so on, displaying their upcoming titles with extravagant booths and sometimes scantily clad women. Being a straight female, I didn’t even notice the booth ladies until I accidentally ran into one because I was trying to drink from an open container and walk at the same time.

The first two years I actually had to work PAX and didn’t get to wander around much, if at all. This was my first year where I spent a whole day waddling around in my Vault 101 suit, staring at pretty flashing lights and watching game trailers. I visited the NOS energy drink booth with some friends as a joke, but I ended up liking it, so I secretly visited it a second time. Then a third time that I claimed to be my second. I’m not sure how I feel about this new addiction.

I made some Vault friends! I sort of look like Overly Attached Girlfriend, though.

Truth is, I love PAX, but it also stresses me out. A lot. Too many people pushing each other around, most of them smell weird, lines that are way too long, not enough places to sit…it’s almost too overwhelming for my slightly introverted persona. So after about three hours of the main exhibition floor, I stumbled down some escalators into a much quieter area, complete with plenty of seats, and…beanbags? Wait, really? BEAN. BAGS? That’s on my favorite things list, below breakfast burritos and Arnold Schwarzenegger! I had just met the Nintendo Gaming Lounge, and we were going to be great friends.

I don’t know who Nintendo’s marketing people are, but they’ve got me pegged. They probably have a super unflattering picture of me tacked up on a board in one of their brainstorm rooms with words such as “likes cute things”, “Legend of Zelda”, and “adores Miyamoto” (underlined 3 times) branching off from my face. Nintendo is so darn good at tricking me into giving them money. They’re like gypsies, but instead of being weird and criminalistic, they’re adorable and from Japan.

The Nintendo Gaming Lounge was like a gigantic funny farm of too many things that I liked way too much. It started with Luigi’s Mansion 2, which I waited in line the longest for (About 30 minutes. Stop laughing, everyone who waited over 3 hours for Dishonored) and it was magical. I’ve been anticipating Luigi’s mansion since it was announced at E3 2 years ago.

Next was the video for Paper Mario Sticker Star, yet another 3DS game I can’t wait for. They were even giving out stickers! My mom wouldn’t let me have stickers as a kid because I used to get really excited and stick them all over my body. The guy at the Paper Mario table didn’t know this, and history repeated itself. It was like giving a child an energy drink and turning them loose in Disneyland. Except this kid already had energy drink in her, (That NOS stuff is crazy strong) and she was already in Disneyland. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

The last thing was the 3DS XL. I already have a 3DS, and was little to not-at-all impressed with the idea of it being extra large, until I played one. Folks, listen to my wise words when I tell you:

The screen is much larger, and looks clear and wonderful. It’s actually thinner than the regular 3DS, which is odd to me and also pretty sweet at the same time. Conflicted feelings. The 3D on the XL can snap on and off, so it won’t accidentally slide on while you’re playing or anything. I like the larger system because it is more comfortable for my bison fingers to roam freely as the wild creatures should, and not cramp up after an hour or two of gaming.

The only thing is, and cue the world’s smallest violin to play my sad little song here, I don’t really like the red or blue colors available. Not after I saw that JAPAN IS GETTING A PIKACHU ONE.

Geeze, are you kidding me? I want this so bad.

So here’s to you, Nintendo. May your creations always be innovative and fun, and my wallet will always be empty. Great job at PAX!


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