Planetary Annihilation adds naval units to stretch goals, has best infographic ever

Planetary Annihilation is well on its way to its $900,000 goal and with that goal fast approaching comes the fun topic of stretch goals. The best strategy on Kickstarter is to save some of the harder parts of development for only if you can raise enough money to fund it and that is definitely the case here for Planetary Annihilation.

Arguably, naval units are an essential piece to the Total Annihilation formula, because it gives the game such a grand scale: land, air and sea. If developers Uber Entertainment can raise $1.1 million, they will unlock the first stretch goal to add not only naval units, but special water-only planets to play them on. I like to think the idea of starting on an earth-like planet and flying out to a sea planet to build a giant navy in the same match is pretty awesome. Hell, this whole game sounds pretty awesome when you get down to it. Just check out the  potential annihilation that’s about to happen in this infographic:

With this graphic you can also see there will be a $1.3 million goal to unlock for gas giants. And there will be other stretch goals to unlock down the line if all goes well. I like the idea of an “air only” planet in addition to “sea only”. We’re still about half-way to that point, but at this rate I think quite a bit is possible, especially when you factor in that last minute push that’s oh-so-common to Kickstarter pledges.


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