Valve releases an animated trailer for CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO) from Valve will be releasing tomorrow to many fans clamoring for another game in the hit series. Originally a mod for the first Half-Life game, its been nothing short of amazing to watch the franchise survive for as long as it has and stay relatively unchanged. Valve has released a new trailer for the game as shown below and even though there’s no croutch-aiming it still captures quite a few of the game’s staples like bomb defusal, flash grenades and AWP sniping.

It also has that trademark Valve animation quality to it, with a little bit of questionable film grain. Its easy to spot when something it made with the Source engine since everyone’s movements have this sort of clunky fluidity to them, its hard to put into words.

Counter-Strike was my introduction to competitive multiplayer games. I was never very good at it, but I do remember mastering the buy phase pretty well. I could buy everything I needed in under 2 seconds flat at the beginning of every round…with one hand. That was probably my only claim to fame and admittedly one my friends never cared about. It was all about the ever-present K/D ratio and with no respawns that proved hard to stay on top of.

The idea of crouch-aiming with no iron sights has long been abandoned in newer FPS games, but CS:GO still retains that with all of the classic guns and items. If you fancy yourself the old school player of competitive gameplay then I can confirm CS:GO is pretty much what you are looking for, even if CS:Source offers relatively the same experience with less shiny maps.

I don’t think I’ll be playing much CS:GO because the gameplay feels very odd and dated to me at this point, but I can certainly understand why people still love it. Does this trailer pump you up enough to check out this touched-up throwback?


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