My room just got a lot more Dovahkiin with this giant Skyrim map

Some of you may be sporting those nice cloth Skyrim maps that you got with the game. I was always pretty jealous I didn’t get one, but now the tables have turned and you all can pretty much forget that thing even exists, because this custom wall banner puts your tiny map to shame.

With some help from BannersOnTheCheap I was able to print this high-res image of the Skyrim map from GameBanshee. The banner itself is surprisingly high quality stuff and I’m hoping it will last me some time since I plan on using it as the backdrop for future videos (which I should be getting back to soon, sorry for the delay guys).

This particular map had a wide aspect to it, so I needed to use the 6’x4′ aspect to get it to fit while still looking good. I think the black bars on the sides are actually pretty good looking and they gave a little room to put those little ringer things without messing up the map itself. I’m also amazed it held up well with some simple thumb tacks!

Yea this thing is going to scream “nerd alert” to anybody who walks in, but I’m pretty sure all of the Fallout 3 and Bioshock posters already gave me away. I was a little sad to take down my signed Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood poster because it was in the way of this behemoth, but I’ll take a gigantic Skyrim banner over that any day.

Also credit where credit is due, I was inspired by BlondeNerd’s own Link to the Past map made from the same site, which I’m still jealous of, but honestly I couldn’t bare to do the same thing. Skyrim was the obvious choice for me anyway.

If you’d like to design your own ginormous shrine to geekdom please check out BannersOnTheCheap and use their “Start from scratch” tool. It certainly doesn’t need to be Skyrim or Zelda or even a map for that matter! Get on deviant art or something and find anything that suits you (as long as you’re mindful of copyrights of course).
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