Kickstarter Watch: Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihilation is basically Total Annihilation on steroids. No, its Total Annihilation meets Spore. Does that have your attention? Just watch the video for this thing, it will surprise you many times over and leave you drooling for more.

On development we have Uber Entertainment, who have been delighting us with their DotA meets Team Fortress 2 franchise known as Monday Night Combat. Yep, Uber is looking to tackle another sub-genre of the RTS games with its own unique twists. And it looks like they’re doing it all through Kickstarter.

First let’s get down to the basics: this is going to be a BIG project. Uber is asking for what I believe is the biggest goal I’ve seen since Brian Fargo’s Wasteland 2 project: $900,000. Are they going to make that? Well the thing has only been up for part of today and it is already close to the $100,000 mark.

But after you watch that spectacular concept video I would have a hard time not throwing money at the screen! Just check it out right now:

The concept video definitely boasts TA-style gameplay. This would be having a central commander character who builds a base from scratch, slowly developing workers and plants to gather more resources and build more units. Before long you should have a fully-functioning military machine capable of pumping out hundreds of units. This is what Total Annihilation was all about and it did it so well that it has been considered one of the greated RTS games of all time.

Uber wants to take it a few steps further though. Before long in the video one of the factions retreats to a near-by moon and begins building an auxillary base. Here they make Moon-to-planet rockets capable of raining death from outer-fucking-space. When that doesn’t work, they harness near-by asteroids and strap huge engines onto them to sling-shot them around the solar system and destroy the planet entirely (hence the name). How this will work in the final game is anybody’s guess, but that is some pretty awesome conceptualization right there.

Since Uber has prove themselves to me to be a wholey competent and well-spirited game company, this thing has my seal of approval. Many employees have experience making Total Annihilation and its spiritual successor, Supreme Commander, which must count for something extra.

Also don’t think I’m not eying that $100 boxed-game tier, but I’ll hold off to see if I have anything left after PAX Prime in a couple weeks.


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