Diablo 3’s 1.0.4 patch puts the “Unique” back in “Legendary”

Diablo III has had a bit of a problem with getting players excited post-release. Sure, everyone has played the game for quite some time, but many were expecting that the game would last for years. There’s many problems to fix with the base gameplay and end-game content, but part 1 of all of this was definitely the items.

The 1.0.4 patch for D3 will be addressing Legendary items. Arguably one of the biggest problems was that despite items being tagged as Rare and Legendary, they were still pretty randomized and sometimes they just sucked. This update will add unique qualities to many of the Legendary items and give them huge boosts to their stats.

Diablo III’s lead designer Andrew Chamber’s details some of the items being updated in his latest update and gives some interesting commentary on the community at large:

Soon after we released Diablo III, many of you commented on Legendary items. Most of those comments were fairly harsh, but they were also dead-on accurate.

We all know by now that Blizzard has been listening to its otherwise vocal community, but this was another sign that the Diablo III team understands it messed up in some big ways.

Many of you commented, rightly, that the Legendary items in the game didn’t feel unique enough. Something that Diablo II did really well was to create some very memorable items, and they were called “Uniques.” While we call them Legendaries now, the word “unique” was something we tried to keep in mind when making these changes.

Some of the Legendary weapons changed include boots that leave a trail of fire when you walk and pants that make you stink.  Personal favorite was to see the “Skycutter”, which summons an angelic helper as well as the “Maximus”, which summons a demonic slave that’s attached to you by a firey chain. That’s pretty damn sick when it comes to magical weaponry.

Maybe this will breathe some new fire into the waning popularity of Diablo III, but this writer thinks the best course of action will be an “endless dungeon” mode that gets progressively harder, much like in Torchlight.

This next update is set to release near the end of August.


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