World of Goo creator returns to creep us out with Little Inferno

World of Goo was arguably the breakout indie title of 2008.  The draw for me, at the time, was to return to one of my favorite pastime games: Bridge It, which was this simple free game you could get if you owned an nVidia card.  You…built bridges.  That was pretty much it.  Actually you probably watched bridges fall and collapse into disastrous heaps of iron and steel more than anything, but I digress. World of Goo came out and it satisfied that tickle I had to bridge across large chasms with interlocking pieces…or in this case goo.

Somewhere along the line the game also put in some actual, “gamey”-type stuff and impressed me even more, like special goos that could stretch really long and goos that could float in air.  On top of all that the game had a very eclectic art style with bizarre yet oddly charming cutscenes (like this one).  The music wasn’t too bad either.  So while I came for essentially just a bridge building game, I left with a huge sense of satisfaction, my expectations were highly exceeded in ways I did not expect.  That’s pretty hard to pull off these days (hell, it was hard to pull off in 2008 for that matter).  But its been 4 years since our little indie team at 2D Boy put out anything that resembles a new game, what gives?

It turns out one of the creators, Kyle Gabler, has teamed up with former EA programmer Allan Blomquist (no, I don’t expect you to know these names, but credit where credit is due I guess) to form a new studio called Tomorrow Corporation.  They cryptically announced their first game would be called Little Inferno, without much other fanfare than a logo, which, to me, makes it look like you play as an arsonist.

Now we have a proper teaser trailer which, to me, makes it look like this game is really fucked up.

No, we still have no clue what this game is about, but yes, I am now heavily invested in finding out.  Whoever is running the marketing campaign over there at Tomorrow Corp. deserves more praise than they are getting.  If I were to take an educated guess, this game is about burning things to raise the temperature of the world.  You’ll probably burn toys at some point.  Does this sound really F’ed in the head?  Yes it does and yes I want to see more.

There is a pre-order form already up on the site, but officially I will not be grabbing a key until I see what the gameplay is exactly.  If you feel like they’ve done enough to convince you already (and believe me, I’m inches away from the “pay now” button), then you can click here to find the payment form.


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