Scrolls definitely is not The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda, I’m not really sure why you had any worries about copyright infringement to begin with, but seriously, what Scrolls has turned out to be is anything but.

Indie darling Mojang has pretty much been the loudest and most vocal of the indie gaming community (and that’s a pretty hard title to hold with Phil Fish in the game).  What with all the lawsuits from mega-titan Bethesda and even going so far as to challenge them to a round of Quake 3 to settle the dispute.  They also tend to talk up a storm about programming techniques and what they’d like to put in their games and how or why some of those things don’t come into fruition.  If they talked anymore they’d be encroaching on Peter Molyneux territory.

Indeed, Scrolls is actually about what any of us who were actually listening expected.  It was announced as a trading card type game around a year ago and…then we pretty much didn’t hear anything about it until the whole Bethesda showdown last year (they settled out-of-court by the way).

For what its worth take a look after the jump, personally I think it looks fun, but it doesn’t really interest me much more than many of the other Heroes of Might and Magic games would.  For that matter it doesn’t really interest me much more than a lot of Facebook games would, but I’ll reserve my judgement for an official (read: beta) release.


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