Watching Kickstarter projects come to fruition

Kickstarter has been extremely noisy for me lately.  I try to look at the site every now and then, but the sheer number of projects I’ve funded between late last year and now has become rather large, so the amount of updates I get to projects is somewhere around 10 to 20 per day.  That’s what I mean by noisy, its pretty damn hard to keep up with all of that.

But you can bet your ass my ears perk way up when there’s the mention of “backer rewards”.  Yes, these are the little things that at the end of the day we sunk our extra dollars in for.  Sure, you might just be in for the game itself, that’s going to take some time to see the light of day, but for swag lovers like myself I can tell you that the promise of incoming posters and t-shirts has got me wringing my hands in anticipation.

Stoic yesterday put together a little video of the matter.  Watch it if you want to see what 4000 poster tubes looks like (hint: it looks like a lot).

In other Kickstarter news, remember Guns of Icarus?  Well they’ve already done 3 different closed beta weekends and have a fourth planned for this weekend.  Now that’s quite the delivery!

I’m just gonna drop this screen here

I’m also anticipating the Double Fine Adventure swag that should be coming in at any time.  They may have some of the best swag that I’ve been waiting on, but it will be a little time before I get the boxed copy of the game, I’m sure.

Overall, I’m impressed kickstartee’s.  The results I’ve been seeing have definitely raised my confidence level and with more projects coming out of the pipeline these little milestones are what will help keep me coming back to fund more and more.


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