More ways to play Skyrim with upcoming DLC and Kinect update

Skyrim is a jealous game.

Its jealous when you start to play other games.  How dare you even consider that there’s another game comparable to the might and majesty of Tamriel?  Are dragons and sorcery not enough to satisfy your lust for fantasy?  Well, maybe it just hasn’t been trying hard enough.  Two big updates to Skyrim hit the news this week.  Hit the jump to learn more!

First up, yesterday saw a new update to the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim that gives you full Kinect control.  Its the sort of thing only PC modders could come up with early on and it looks like Bethesda put that technology to work.  Among the things you can do with the Kinect are: dragon shouts, sorting inventory while shopping and barking commands to your companion.  Oddly, no motion controls were added, but that may be asking a lot for such a controller-centric game.

Next, the news that fans have been waiting to learn about: Skyrim DLC.  It looks like the first round of DLC will come in the form of “Dawnguard”.  And beyond the name we literally don’t know anything else about it.  Except that you get glowy eyes.  Neat.

More details about the new DLC should be surfacing with E3 next month and expect a release date of sometime this summer.  Skyrim ain’t gonna let some Diablo III punk get all the summer fun!



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