How Sony can get their Groove back, and Stop Being a Nintendo Copy-Cat

Dear readers, you may have just felt the Earth move a little. This was due to the immense eye roll that happened after I watched game footage of the new Super Smash Brothers Sony Battle Royale game. Honestly, I couldn’t even finish the video I was so frustrated with the blatant lack of creativity and copy-paste action that was happening.

I don’t play the whole “which company is better” game between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, because that is stupid. I love each of them, they all get way too much of my money, and I firmly believe that they all have strengths and unique ideas that they contribute to the video game industry. However lately, it has felt like Sony has been dragging their feet.

We all know that a few years back, as Microsoft and Sony watched Nintendo roll around in their piles and piles of money as Wii sales trumped the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, they scratched their heads and said to each other, “…Wait, there’s profit in family gaming?” Then they pushed out their own versions of “family friendly” devices that would hopefully take from the market that Nintendo had such a vice grip on. Microsoft did a fantastic job; the Kinect was innovative and still has potential that will last a long time. Gold star for them.

Sony, on the other hand, came up with the stupid idea of blending a Kinect and Wii together to create what was basically an overpriced and more lame Wii. The irony in this being, a mere few years prior, Sony was making fun of Nintendo for the Wii controller looking like a lollipop, and then NOT ONLY making their controller look even more like a  lollipop (cue that Penny Arcade comic now) as well as after the Move came out, making a commercial teasing Nintendo for their graphics, lack of depth perception, and even going so far as making the claim that the Move would be incredibly successful. As I watched that commercial, I wanted nothing more than to remind Sony that as of December 31st of last year, the total sales to date for the Wii is 94.97 million, and for the PS3? 62 million. Who’s the sucker now?


You’re gonna need that if something doesn’t change soon.

Look, Sony, you have to understand. I’m hard on you because I love you. If I didn’t believe in you as a company, I wouldn’t have bought every damn system you have put out. That’s right. Every. Single. One. From the first Playstation to the Vita, I have owned them all. I can’t say the same thing for Nintendo or Microsoft. Hell, I didn’t even believe in the original Xbox because I was so in love with the Playstation 2. Let me rephrase that for you, Sony; I didn’t need other consoles because I had Playstation 2.

This is the thought process Sony needs to start putting back in people’s heads. Right now the PS3 and 360 are so laughably similar, the biggest question I ask myself when choosing between which one to play is, “What controller do I feel like using?” Sometimes the deciding factor is something as trivial as “Netflix sucks on the 360, so PS3 it is.”

However, I think the game could heavily change now that the Vita is out. The first time I played the Vita, I thought to myself, “My God…they’re back. It’s the long lost Sony I know and love, back at last!” Now that I have a Vita, I look at my 3DS and sadly think, “Do I really need that anymore? I mean, I have a Vita. This thing is so effing rad.”

Sony, for the love of God listen to me, you don’t need to copy Nintendo left and right to be a successful company. With that sexy little Vita, you’ve proven to me that you’ve still got that spunk that caused me to fall in love with your product all those years back. I believe you’ve caught your second wind. Now run with it, you fools!


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One response to “How Sony can get their Groove back, and Stop Being a Nintendo Copy-Cat”

  1. giantsbane says :

    I don’t like the new contributor; her pieces seem too competently put together to troll thus far…

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