Takedown on Kickstarter punches through at the last minute

It was last Friday, I was in the throes of my daily work routine and decided to take a quick break by checking out the latest updates to some of my supported Kickstarter Projects.  Somehow while browsing I happened upon Takedown, with only 3 days of funding to go.  Admittedly the cool logo helped a lot to get me to click on it.  I also noticed the game was sitting at a hefty $130,000, but was still shy of its $200,000 goal (one of my other supported projects, The Banner Saga, has a $100k goal for comparison).

So I clicked in and discovered a project that I almost immediately knew I wanted to back, a tactical shooter that harkens back to the glory days of Rainbow Six.

Also I watched the pretty hilarious tongue-in-cheek video.

But what really got me was that the game wasn’t fully funded, with only 3 days to go.  Plus, one with such a high budget should have been on my radar at this point (I go to Kickstarter a lot these days).  So what was the hold-up?

Turns out the project page was a little vague and hard to grasp what the game would be about for a long part of the run on Kickstarter.  Even right now, not much is known about the game , it looks like it is still in its planning stages, not so good for your typical Kickstarter project, but hell Wasteland 2 is pretty much in that same boat right now and they are getting by with sheer name recognition.  The above video was only recently uploaded last week as a last-ditch effort and it looks like it worked.

The game itself will be a tactical shooter from the old school of tac-shooters like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.  Christian Allen has been lead designer, creative director and design director on many big-name games such as G.R.A.W. and Halo: Reach.  The team itself has been on a wide array of games from the original Rainbow Six to F.E.A.R. to even World of Tanks.  Apparently they even have a retired US Special Forces Operator and Christian himself even has some Marine Corps experience.  I think what most appealed to me was the promise of being a “thinking-person’s shooter”, much in the vein of old school shooters that rewarded you greatly for planning well and thinking ahead.

Over the weekend I watched as the numbers slowly ticked upward, faster and faster.  By Sunday I wasn’t sure if it would be fully funded or not, but I was ready to up my pledge at the last minute should the need arise.  With about 3 hours to go the project sat at a little over $175k, still $25k shy of its goal.

I went to finish playing Vessel and came back an hour later to see the project had skyrocketed to over $200k!  What in the world?  About 500 more supporters had rained down upon the now-confirmed funding page.  Pouring over the project comments revealed that the one-and-only Markus “Notch” Pearson, who may need to be renamed to “The Godfather” at this point, had tweeted about the game and caused a huge flood of interest in the final hours.

To top it off, none other than Robert Bowling (a.k.a. fourzerotwo), former Infinity Ward spokesperson, had decided to give a generous $7,500 contribution to the project.

It was just crazy to watch the whole thing unravel and when all was said and done the project sat at $221,833, a longshot from Friday afternoon when I was completely unsure if the project would even make the finish line.  The following graph shows the trend of people coming in during the wee hours to pump cash in:

Congrats to Christian for not giving up on what clearly looks like a pet project that he truly believes in.  This sort of commitment and showmanship is what Kickstarter is all about!  I want to also mention that even with all the publicity and last-minute funding, FULLNOVAZERO still decided to up the pledge to $75!  Looking forward to the hard copy of the game and t-shirt.  The game won’t be seeing the light of day until at least next year, but the creators promise to keep us updated as well as let contributors submit and vote on content to be included in the game.

Very proud to say that this isn’t the last we will see of Takedown!


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