Kickstarter and “Kicking it Forward”

There’s been a string of amazingly successful Kickstarter projects lately.  After Double Fine Adventure set some new standards for what could be done with the website, Brian Fargo put out Wasteland 2 and began getting the same reception.  I see Fargo as more of a half-creative/half-executive type, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In any case, Fargo has decided to give back to the community that has helped make Wasteland 2 what it is with “Kicking it Forward“.

What is Kicking it Forward?  Basically, for all of the profits of a Kickstarter project, such as Wasteland 2, 5% will go back to other Kickstarter projects.  The first thing that needs to be understood, however, is that these profits will only be from after the game has been released.  So in other words, the Kickstarter money that is currently being raised will not go to other Kickstarter projects, as that would be a little silly.

Its encouraging to see that a lot of other projects have already signed on to the idea.  Here is a list of the current “Kicking it Forward” projects:

I like the idea, even if it is a bit of a publicity stunt, it should also be noted that where the 5% of cash goes is up to the developer.  There is no committee or enforcement of the banner that is placed on a Kickstarter, but as it is on the honors system for an otherwise pretty awesome idea I don’t see that being a huge problem.  If a little giving spirit is what you needed to get into Kickstarter, then here you go.


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  1. giantsbane says :

    2 articles in the last 5 days…what gives?!

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