BF3: Close Quarters will not include Rush mode, includes ‘Conquest Domination’ instead

This is a bizarre twist.  Aren’t publishers of long-beloved franchises suppose to trash on the nostalgic and bolster the new?  Shouldn’t they be dropping Conquest and only support Rush?  That’s what I would have expected, but instead DICE decided to side-step all of that and just create a brand new mode for their upcoming ‘Close Quarters’ DLC, slated to come out in June.

Rush has become sort of a new staple of Battlefield.  Where the Bad Company games introduced the concept, Battlefield 3 decided to solidify it and make it part of the franchise’s cannon.  I hate to think of why CTF was ever dropped, but its actually rather encouraging to see that the next DLC pack will drop you into a new game mode that’s mostly based off of a scaled-down version of Conquest.

The new mode is based off of Domination, which anyone who is a fan of Unreal Tournament or Call of Duty should be very familiar with.

“The Domination type gameplay usually takes place on smaller maps, much like the ones we were creating. Inspired by these memories, we used the spawning systems fromBattlefield 3 Team Deathmatch and came up with a Conquest mode adapted for smaller spaces.”

-Gustav Halling, DICE game designer

Personally, the first thing I thought of was how similar this feels to League of Legends’ release of their Dominion map.  A new map tailored to a completely new gametype, while retaining much of the same gameplay.  I like this concept and honestly I think “map pack” doesn’t really do it justice.  “Expansion pack” maybe.  I would not mind at all if we went back to that term.

BF3: Close Quarters devoid of Rush mode, introduces Conquest Domination


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One response to “BF3: Close Quarters will not include Rush mode, includes ‘Conquest Domination’ instead”

  1. ben says :

    guys this is just epic i mean i know i was getting it when i first saw the trailer so thx for telling more about it

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