Smithsonian opens its “Art of Video Games” exhibit

After quite a bit of waiting, the Smithsonian has finally opened its video game exhibit at the American Art Museum.  The exhibit will run all the way until September 30th.  It features a selection of games across the several decades of the industry’s history across multiple platforms ranging from the Atari VCS to the Xbox 360.  Its an interesting milestone in games getting a little more respect from the larger community and might go a little way in convincing people how serious the medium can be.

A list of the featured games is on their site, which includes classics from Myst to Uncharted 2, from Space Invaders to Halo 2 and from Donkey Kong to Mass Effect 2.  Its an interesting cross-section of the industry from its inception.  The games were actually selected over a year ago by online vote and I think the results aren’t entirely disappointing.  A few of the more curious picks are Brutal Legend, Star Fox: Assault and Marble Madness, which I don’t find particularly groundbreaking, but I guess the people found them good enough to throw in.

Games that are actually playable at the exhibit are Pac-ManSuper Mario BrothersThe Secret of Monkey Island,Myst, and Flower.


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