Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition announced

Probably wouldn’t have caused me to create a news post under normal circumstances, but the other day the Baldur’s Gate website put a big ole’ counter on their website, counting down to what shouldn’t have surprised me.  Perhaps I was expecting a Baldur’s Gate 3 announcement, but instead we are getting a reprint of the originals.

Without many other details, Baldur’s Gate is releasing an “enhanced edition” of the 1998 classic and its sequel, Baldur’s Gate 2.  For those who don’t know, Baldur’s Gate put Bioware on the map and established a new western RPG powerhouse.  For that reason alone it makes Baldur’s Gate a bit of a staple, but the game itself is also quite fun.  So far there have not been any screenshots or video of the enhanced edition, hopefully some of that will be coming soon.


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One response to “Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition announced”

  1. zireael07 says :

    I left a note on my blog dealing with the same topic. Unfortunately, it’s in Polish…

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