Wasteland 2 project comes to Kickstarter

Fan of Fallout?  This should pique your interest.  Brian Fargo, creator of both the original Fallout and Wasteland as well as a plethora of gaming staples such as Battle Chess and Neuromancer, will be setting out to create a sequel to the critically acclaimed and Fallout-inspiring title from way back in 1988.

Fargo is well known for founding Interplay, the company who originally created Wasteland and Fallout and who eventually became their own publisher, going on publish many of my favorite titles like Descent, Baldur’s Gate and Earthworm Jim.  Interplay used to be sort of a big deal back in its hey day, albeit when the computer game industry was a little simpler and development teams were usually only a dozen people at most.

The project on Kickstarter is already off to an amazing start.  While writing this article it was already at half of a million dollars and well on its way to a goal of $900,000.  It will reach that goal, I promise you, with a generous 34 days to go and rabid fans of the old school style of RPG that Wasteland and Fallout used to represent.

Check out the link below for the full details of the project.  $15 gets you a full copy of the game, but $50 will get you a full, large box copy, such as the one that fellow Kickstarter project Double Fine Adventure is putting out.

Wasteland 2 on Kickstarter


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