Congrats to Double Fine Adventure for raising more than $3.3 million!

Its been a pretty amazing start for Double Fine Adventures, it turns out the little Bay Area-based studio still has quite a bit of fans and many who would like to see the return of a proper point-and-click adventure like in days of yore.

The man behind classics such as Day of the Tentacle, Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango (my personal favorite), Tim Schafer, set out more than a month ago to raise funding to take to his roots.  The studio he founded, Double Fine, has actually never made a classic adventure game to date and the studio has been around for about a decade!  This will surely be an interesting process to watch as its completely unprecedented and new territory for Double Fine and Kickstarter alike.

FULLNOVAZERO is also proud to announce that it has pledged $100 to the project.  The amount of merchandise promised (like the old school big cardboard game box) for it was a big incentive, but I’m also just happy to be part of something so new and promising.  Go get em’ Schafer and team!


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