Jessica Chobot in Mass Effect 3 is awful

I really don’t have anything against Jessica Chobot personally, but there’s a reason she does what she does and a reason why she doesn’t do certain other things.  One of those things is being a professional voice actress, well until now I guess.

Bioware cast Jessica Chobot as one of the game’s very minor characters, Diana Allers, a web reporter in the Mass Effect universe…see what they did there?  You might miss her entirely if you don’t click on every little thing that blinks in the Citadel.  But for those that did, like myself, something really felt off about the character and the way she sounded.  I didn’t know it was Chobot at first, but after looking it up it all made sense.

I don’t want this to be a huge rant, you may after all be a huge Jessica Chobot fan and may have loved her inclusion.  But I think for the rest of the world who enjoys quality you probably thought it sounded like someone recorded a high school drama student without any retakes (this was the least offensive analogy I could think of).  Compared to some of the excellent voice talent this game puts up it really does sound that bad.

I’m not even really sure how to comment on the actual appearance of the character.  Jessica Chobot is actually a very pretty lady and it seems like Bioware wanted to go for depicting that prettiness in the game, but the translation is a little weird.  It sort of looks like her, sort of doesn’t and with either perspective it doesn’t look good at all.  Again, compared to fully rendered characters where a Bioware artist took the time to characterize facial features, this obvious attempt at making the character look like their real-world counterpart is complete fail in my book.

Hopefully Bioware can learn from one of their (growing list of) mistakes and not cash in on what I think was a desperate attempt at IGN fan service in the future, the results of this experiment took me completely out of the game every time she appeared.  Again, nothing against Jessica, I would have jumped at the opportunity to get my voice in the game too if they asked me, but that doesn’t mean I’d be very good at it.  Just sayin’.


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One response to “Jessica Chobot in Mass Effect 3 is awful”

  1. Digi says :

    Oh WAAAAAAAA….god dude get over it! If you dislike it so much, go make a game yourself…oh thats right you can only bitch about them!

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