Infamous game maker Peter Molyneux leaves Microsoft and Lionhead Studios

The man of many wild promises and many more unfulfilled ones has decided to leave Microsoft and Lionhead, the studio he co-founded back in 1997.  Its probably not the last we’ve seen of the man, who is moving on to a new “independent venture”.  He leaves behind a legacy of bombastic statements and some pretty great games.

There was a time when I followed a lot of what Lionhead Studios did, when one of their few releases was Black & White and it looked like they had a plethora of other games in the hopper.  Not so surprisingly many of those never saw the light of day.  Over the last 15 years Lionhead has overseen the creation of 3 franchise: Black & White, The Movies and probably their most popular and lucrative: Fable.

I like to think that wherever the man goes, we’ll probably still be able to hear his crazy ideas and huge, unrealistic statements.  Don’t get me wrong though, while he’s disappointed many of us to some degree, the man can deliver some pretty great experiences even when they are off their mark.

Peter Molyneux leaves Microsoft, off on ‘new independent venture’


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