Assassin’s Creed III will take place in the American Revolution

Wow, I can thoroughly say I didn’t not see that coming.  Some of us were expecting Feudal Japan, maybe World War II, or perhaps just the modern day, but the Revolutionary War?  That’s pretty interesting and I’m excited to see where this goes.  Game Informer will have the exclusive for their April issue.  Hit the jump for more images!

As was the case with ACII, guns look like they will play a partial role in the game, but as guns were still a slow-to-reload affair back then I imagine they won’t be the main attraction.  The main attraction for me is that Mel Gibson-inspired hatchet our new hero has in his right hand.

Many are also noting how instead of a crossbow, this new assassin weilds an old-school longbow.  Perfect for hunting in the wild and perfect for silent kills, its just a bit of a backpedal from the crossbow is all.

The above image I have no clue if it is cannon, I found this on some comments on Kotaku.  It looks legit enough in any case and doesn’t look like something a fan could whip-up in under a day.

Some lucky readers will also get this exclusive artwork cover, which is pretty nice, but also offers a good look at the complete arsenal our new hero will be sporting: bow and quiver, 2 pistol muskets, hatchet and some other areas for hidden deadly tools.  I’m also pretty impressed by how they incorporated the old-style coat into the assassin theme.


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