Steamworks will be used by Borderlands 2

After releasing Steamworks for the absolutely huge title Skyrim not long ago, Valve is now setting their sights on Gearbox’s Borderlands 2 as the next game to prominently feature the modding distribution tool.

Borderlands 2 will also show off other Steam features that we have become accustomed to, such as cloud saves and Steam achievements, but this new tool could really help expand the shelf-life for Borderlands well past its initial first playthroughs.  Anyone who was a fan of the first game knows that after getting through a couple of characters the levels became fairly well known and the search for good loot became a bit of a grind.  Mods could really help smooth out any parts of the game that feel slightly off.

On Skyrim, I quickly found that adding detailed maps to my game and an easier to read inventory system let me enjoy the game far more.  There is also the possibility for more wacky mods that don’t do much to prolong the game, but they are welcome, especially in the half-serious world of Borderlands.

I think Steamworks may slowly become one of the premiere modding distribution tools if Steam is willing to keep expanding on it.  Admittedly when it first released for Skyrim I had a tough time understanding its paradigm and navigating around (it didn’t even have a search bar for the first few days!).  Those familiar with the Playstation 3 release of Portal 2 may even be familiar with how that platform uses Steam as its distribution tool, so could we eventually see a cross-over?  I would like to think so, modding is something all consoles could greatly benefit from if a good channel was established for their distribution.

Borderlands 2 will use Steamworks on PC


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