Checking out the Minecraft 1.2 patch with a Rube Goldberg machine

Jens “jeb” Bergensten tweeted a new video that shows off most of the new features to Minecraft in the next 1.2 update.  Its fun to watch and shows a little bit of the scope of the update, namely updates to mob AI to make monsters and NPCs much smarter, such as zombie pathfinding and skeleton survival.  If you can stand the chiptune music, check out the video after the jump!


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About Ryan Saul

Hailing from Portland, OR I work by day and blog by night. I like to consider myself a video game connoisseur, playing as many new things as I can get my hands on. Its hard to hold me down to one game for very long before I move on to the next big thing. Luckily, that works pretty well in terms of video game blogging.

4 responses to “Checking out the Minecraft 1.2 patch with a Rube Goldberg machine”

  1. giantsbane says :

    I kind of want to start playing minecraft again…

  2. giantsbane says :

    I’m going to make an iron golem army…

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