Hawken raises $10 million in venture capital

The same company that helped prop up Riot Games way back in earlier days, has decided to invest heavily in the free-to-play mech indie game Hawken.  At this point I’ve clearly become interested in Hawken and this little bit of news had me raising all of my eyebrows (all two of them).

Benchmark Capital, who helped fund League of Legends and subsequently sold the property for $350 million has decided on Hawken as its next investment project. They would like to see that the project launch successfully in the “core free-to-play market”.

“We think that $8 billion to $10 billion will migrate away from packaged goods games and free-to-play will be a lightning rod for those dollars.”

-Benchmark Capital partner Mitch Lasky

That’s a very optimistic view of where the industry is going, but not one that I totally disagree with either.  Free-to-play makes a lot of sense to me in terms of its accessibility and people’s willingness to hand money over.

$10 million is no number to sneeze at.  As a point of reference, Tim Schafer and his Double Fine team were able to raise a little more than $2 million for their Kickstarter project.

$10 million in funding raised for Hawken


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2 responses to “Hawken raises $10 million in venture capital”

  1. giantsbane says :

    Haha…you know you only have one glorious eyebrow.

  2. giantsbane says :

    This is exciting news. The trailer for the game looked quite cool.

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