The result of Mojang’s weekend Mojam is…Catacomb Snatch!

Other than the unfortunate title, Catacomb Snatch is the latest game from Minecraft creators, Mojang.  Its a sort of side-scrolling, shooter, RTS, multiplayer…thing.  In fact it took me probably 20 minutes to figure out what to do.  (The fact that the game didn’t have a proper read-me file didn’t help either….).  While playing I took numerous screens and I figure I’ll try to explain it as best as I can after the jump, but I must admit its pretty damn fun and multiplayer looks even better!

Monster spawners appear randomly all over the map, you can shoot them to destroy them, which nets you lots of cash to use for laying tracks or buying turrets.

Your tracks are used for little robots who will cart resources from the middle of the map back to your base.  They’re fun to watch because they will hand each other the resources in sort of a fire-brigade fashion.

The combat is pretty simplistic, you have a gun that shoots very rapidly without any ammo.  The monsters all have decent amount of health and the mob spawners even more, so you’ll basically just need to hold down the fire key at all times.

The main objective is to get to the middle of the map and build a rail that carts these white orb things back to base.  You can also see that I have turrets lain down which protect my railway and myself.  The bots can easily be destroyed by mobs.

Its surprisingly fun for a game made in 60 hours.  I wasn’t really expecting much.  It needs several bug fixes and a proper instruction guide, but other than that I think this game could bear the Mojang namesake.  I don’t see why they can’t spend some more time on it to flesh it out a little more, it would make a great in-browser game or even a good mobile game.

For the moment only those who contributed to the Humble Bundle over the weekend have access to the game, which is now closed, but I would expect that the game will be available again soon!


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