It looks like Frictional is making another Amnesia game

Put away that bag of Milky Ways, it looks like Amnesia is coming back to haunt your dreams and scare the living hell out of everyone again! Frictional, creators of Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent have another domain registered at

The sit contains some concept art, such as the one shown above as well as some kind of ARG (alternate reality game) thing going on.  There’s a link to a good map pointing at China, which seems to be a hint of where the game will probably take place in.  I don’t see a lot of games (made outside of Japan) that are set in the Far East, so I think this should be a pretty cool fit.

Here’s hoping for more wonky-face monsters and things that generally make my heart pump at million beats per second.

Frictional teases a new Amnesia project, possibly set in China


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