Double Fine takes it to the streets of Kickstarter

So here I was Tuesday night writing an article about Notch and Tim Schafer possibly teaming up for a Psychonauts remake.  It turned into a rant about why Schaffer’s brand of games don’t get made because they aren’t publisher friendly and why teaming up with Notch would possibly be the best idea ever.  Then this comes along.  Turns out Schafer and company were two steps ahead of everyone this whole time.

The adventure game scene has been experiencing a resurgence from long-time fans of the genre.  We got a slick remake of The Secret of Monkey Island not too long ago and we also got a developer/publisher completely based off of making adventure-style games.  Seems like the fans haven’t gone anywhere since the genre ended in 1998, the year Grim Fandango released, was met with huge critical praise and failed big-time on the market.

Double Fine wants to return to its roots and create a classic adventure game, but since publishers don’t see the money in it, they’ve decided to completely side-step them and fund their next project through Kickstarter.  I feel like this is the first step in the next generation of video games, ones that are not only developed independently, but also funded on the outset from the fans.

Whether or not you are a fan of adventure games, you should really take a look at the page.  A proposed $400,000 is needed to fund the game and after a day they are already well over this number (and word has really only begun to spread).  By the time mid-March rolls around, the time when the project is set to take in its funding, this thing could have well over a couple million in its pocket.  That’s a pretty big number for a Kickstarter project and I’m very impressed by the outlook of this.

Check them out here, you can reserve a copy of the game and help fund them with $15, plus get beta access to the game.


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