Valve’s “Meet the Pyro” to finally debut in 2012

Yes, ever-patient Valve fans, the time has come.  When that mysterious Pyro from Team Fortress 2 will take off his (or her) mask and finally reveal themselves.  Well, I mean, I’m just speculating.  Its kinda hard for the Pyro to say anything with that heavy mask on.

For those unfamiliar with Valve’s “Meet the team” series of videos, each video documents the antics of one of the Team Fortress 2 characters.  The game arguably builds itself heavily on characterization, so the videos have been a great asset to marketing the game.

But they’ve also been few and far between.  The original “Meet the Heavy” video came out shortly before the game was released in 2007, since then all characters have slowly but surely had their on eponymous video made.  There was even a video about a “sandvich” in there at some point.

Now all the videos have been released for each character…except for one.  The elusive Pyro, who’s face we’ve never seen and voice we’ve never truly heard. The “Meet the Pyro” video will finally be surfacing in 2012 according to the Team Fortress 2 blog, let’s just hope they’re not kidding around this time.

Its time to whip off that mask and show us what you’re made of Pyro, do it for Hale!


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