Can a Half-Life “protest” get Valve’s attention?

Next question: Is “protest” just another way of saying “I need an excuse to play Half-Life 2 again?”  Because that’s what over 30,000 people are going to be doing on Feburary 4th.

In an effort to get Valve’s attention, people will join on Steam all at the same time to play Half-Life 2 for at least half an hour.  Its not really a “bold move” by any means, but its creative.  Valve will certainly notice the spike in HL2 play at a specific time and wonder what its all about.  Members of the protest are looking to get some sort of communication from Valve over the non-existent Half-Life 3.

I’m also of the opinion that Valve is highly aware of everyone’s concern over the lack of Half-Life announcements and I don’t think this will do anything to change that.  That said, I’ll be joining up.  I haven’t played Half-Life 2 in a few years and quite frankly I still enjoy it every time I ride in on that train to City 17.  Its just a great game and any excuse to play it again is welcome.

You can join the Steam group for the event here.  Let me know on Twitter if you’ll be joining up, I’d like to see if anyone else is interested in playing again.


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