The 1000 player FPS nearly hits its mark

I think part of getting a world record these days is the ability to think of something nobody else has tried before.  That seems to be what Pikkotekk, creators of the server behind this feat set out to do yesterday.

The unfortunate letdown?  They capped at 999 players, not quite reaching the quadruple digit milestone they so badly wanted to achieve.  Still though, 999 isn’t a number to sneeze at.  I used to play a lot of PlanetSide back in the day and even on a good large battle we never hit those numbers.  Hit the jump for a video of the results.
At the end of the day this was of course a huge PR tactic, meant to get the attention of MMO designers as well as other up-and-coming developers and to get them interested in their PikkoServer technology.  Mission accomplished gentlemen, because this video was actually pretty impressive.  Can you imagine being in a World War 2 FPS (such as where you might storm Normandy Beach) with this sort of technology?  The possibilities are pretty endless (as long as you stay below 1000 people that is).

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