Puzzle Me is a cute mix of dominoes and Carcassone

Hello folks, its another round of Kickstarter projects I’ve decided to fund, but today is a little different.  Puzzle Me! is board game by Brainstormers, a start-up from Santiago, Chile that aims to bring simple family fun to the living room.  The project is in its last day of funding, so if you are looking for a cute little game to add to your analog game collection then check out their page today.  Hit the jump for my quick write-up with commentary from Brainstormers themselves!

This game looks like it’s got a lot of heart to it, from the tiny little game box to the neat little puzzle pieces and karma gems.  Puzzle Me! is actually a simple variation of dominoes: add pieces to where you have spaces on your set and block your opponents by adding pieces to theirs.  Its a race to whoever can make the largest puzzle overall.  One of the differences between this game and dominoes, however, is the use of “karma pieces”.  Adding a piece to your opponent means you also need to take one of their karma pieces.  When someone has no karma pieces people can’t add to their puzzle.  Being very aggressive means you’ll get lots of karma, which opens you up to plays from other players.

Simple game idea with a karma twist!

The cute and simple nature of the game’s presentation really drew me in.  One similarity I noticed right away was to the german board game Carcassone, in which players also join pieces together to create bigger territory and have the option of blocking each other with limited pieces.  I asked Brainstormers if they had ever played Carcassone or thought of it as an inspiration, Pablo Gorigoitía, one of the founders of the start-up answered me directly:

I very much enjoy Board games, but for whatever reason I [have never] played Carcassone (well maybe because I ended up playing Settlers [of Catan], Bang!, Last Night on Earth and several others) so in fact when people tell me that Puzzle Me! reminds them of Carcassone I feel appreciated and a little intimidated (Carcassone is one of the [most] well known games!).

Perhaps the simplistic formula of dominoes just has a universal appeal that gives rise to games like Puzzle Me! or Carcassone and I think its really neat that both games exist in their own form.

Brainstormers’ Kickstarter fund will be ending today, so if you are interested in picking up a copy, it is $15 for a single copy of the game, with shipping to the US included in the price.  I personally picked up an order of 2 copies for $25, since I think I’ll keep a copy at the office and a copy for my own game nights :D


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