Indie developer does the disabled community a solid

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for a story so awesome to use that picture with for a long time.  Today is that day.

Indie start-up developer Almost Human, who have hearts of gold and a surprising amount of talent, watched their comments section for feedback when they found a curious inquiry to make the UI of their new game Legend of Grimrock slightly less fancy.  Why? They asked. Well I’ll let you read the heart-warming tale after the jump.

For anyone wondering, Legend of Grimrock is a very old-style of RPG that died out a long, long time ago with the advent of 3D graphics and free-roaming controls such as the ones in Doom.

After watching this video I was pretty impressed and have to say I’m interested in trying out their beta, especially after this awesome little tale of do-goodery.


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About Ryan Saul

Hailing from Portland, OR I work by day and blog by night. I like to consider myself a video game connoisseur, playing as many new things as I can get my hands on. Its hard to hold me down to one game for very long before I move on to the next big thing. Luckily, that works pretty well in terms of video game blogging.

4 responses to “Indie developer does the disabled community a solid”

  1. fateamenable says :

    Brilliant! This is why I love indie developers; they’ve got such a personal touch. You really feel like the players have an impact on things. Good show :D

  2. fateamenable says :

    Also, that really is an EPIC image.

  3. giantsbane says :

    Where did you find that image?

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