Terraria limited boxed edition coming soon

Terraria may be doing it right.  Maybe even more right than Minecraft in terms of distribution.  After releasing on Steam pretty early on, the game has gotten some pretty big updates and seen quite a bit of success, surpassing 1 million sales.  Now Terraria sets its sights on the coveted boxed retail edition.

I personally can’t think of the last PC game I bought in a real box.  Its been digital for me almost exclusively for the past few years.  That said, I would buy this in a heartbeat for the goodies inside.

Most people I suspect have paid for the game on the cheap, it was frequently on sale on Steam for as little as $2.49.  But for those who love the sort of goodies you get with limited editions, I think this should be right up any fan’s alley.

The Limited Edition boxed copy will be released on March 16th to the tune of £19.95.  No word yet on a US release or pricing, I have contacted the publisher regarding this.

Update: Publisher has confirmed that the game is not being published for the US, but they will be able to ship it overseas.  When release time comes around, if there are still no plans to publish here, I’ll look into ordering one for review ;)


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