SpaceChem gets a sandbox mode

SpaceChem is one of those rare games that lets you create machines that build things, atomic molecules in this case, but still.  I don’t understand why this genre isn’t much, much bigger.  At least with the latest sandbox mode for SpaceChem the game will be letting you do all sorts of crazy molecular deconstruction and reconstruction.  Just look at that screenshot above, does that look remotely understandable at first glance?

The crazy part is that the machines don’t make much sense if you don’t build them yourself, but if you do you’ll have an intimate knowledge of what every little piece does and how it fits together.  That’s why its so much fun to watch other people’s creations. Just as an example here is another player attempting to explain how just one of his machines work:

I don’t even want to get into exactly what is going on with that because I barely comprehend it myself.  Anyone who is a fan building ridiculous circuitry in Minecraft should be a fan of this game.  It only gets better with the sandbox mode displayed in the video below:

SpaceChem is available on Steam and the iPad


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