SWTOR Guides: How to gain affection with your companions

Its official, I’m in love with SWTOR (I think I’m also going to start campaigning to call it TOR btw).  I was pretty confused by the whole companion affection deal for awhile and after talking about it with some of my friends as well as looking up some guides online, particularly this one from oldrepublic.net, I felt confident in putting together a little video tutorial.  As usual I’m including my guide notes after the jump for quick reference, enjoy!

Video guide:


Its a surprisingly complex system for gaining affection with your characters in SWTOR.  But first, why would you even want to raise your companions affection?  Well it turns out there is a chance for your companions to “crit” missions and crafting, all depending on how high their affection rating is.  Also, as the affection rating gets higher, you will gain access to special companion quests.

 There are 2 primary ways to build affection:
1) Dialog:
  • Conversations you engage in will have many choices and if your companion is with you, he’ll be listening to what you say.
  • Read up the codex for your companion, under “Persons of Interest”, this will tell you their likes and dislikes, keep it in mind while you are in a conversation.
  • You will see affection blips come up whenever you say something they like or dislike.
2) Gifts:
  • Must have companion nearby.
  • Right-click gift from inventory to give, look for affection indicator above companion.
  • Must pay attention to several things before giving a gift or it will be wasted:
    • Level of affection/level of gift.
    • Rarity of gift (green, blue, purple, just like other items).
    • Type of gift for each character.  See below for some handy sheets on which gift type for which companion.  Companions won’t feel affection from certain gifts.
  • 30-second cool-down between gift giving.
  • Ship droids (like C2-N2) will not gain affection, so don’t try, he’s a droid who can’t love apparently

Credit here to Old Republic.net for some awesome spreadsheet action, this is very handy:


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