Guild Wars 2 may finally release this year

I’ve been saying it for a couple years now and I finally vented my frustrations at the “way-too-early-to-announce” announcement.  These companies who announce their products so early and then turn around and expect us to get super hyped about their product 3 years later really have another thing coming.  Perhaps I’m still a sucker for press releases and flashy trailers though, because it looks like a long-awaited game finally gets its just rewards this year.

Back when Guild Wars 2 was first announced I was lucky to score an exclusive artbook from the developers at PAX.  The folks seemed super nice, but at the time I also thought the game would be releasing within the year.  As the years waned on I began to get a little suspicious of the announcement way back when.  Now its pretty clear to me that nothing was really built at all, whoever decided on such an early announcement really needs to rethink their PR strategy.

Anyway, enough ranting, I’m pretty excited to see Guild Wars 2 releasing this year.  Looks like it may get one final shot at PAX before crossing the finish line and who knows?  Maybe they’ll just keep coming back for kicks.


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