Poll: When do you think Diablo III will release?

Common already...

Diablo III is in a weird state right now.  It looks and feels so close to finished with its beta being more-or-less available to the public since way back in September (that reminds me, where the heck is my invite Blizzard?!).  I’d like to take a poll of when everybody out there thinks Diablo III will actually release.  Hit the jump for my analysis and of course the poll itself!

  • Just recently many reported that several large game retail chains were listing the release date as February 1st in their inventory systems, a rumor that has largely been proved to be untrue at this point.
  • But it stands to reason that the game is about ready to get out of the gate at this point, so maybe the outrageous conjectures aren’t that far off.  Blizzard kinda seems like the “its releasing next month!” type.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like this speculation may be greatly rocked by announcements that Blizzard is still making large tweaks to the gameplay, not a good sign for those who want to see this thing release.  If they were close the gameplay would be largely off-limits.
  • Personally I predicted the game would release in June this year and I stand by it.

With all that in mind, when do you think Diablo III releases?  Winners of the poll get a token of my awe and wonder at how amazing you are with guessing.


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