Penny-arcade and company to not attend E3 over SOPA/PIPA supporters

Not this time

SOPA/PIPA protests on the net went without a hitch yesterday, scoring marks much higher than anyone could have anticipated.

During all the commotion over blackouts and petitions to various congresspeople, Penny-Arcade’s Extra Credits posted a video stating that in retaliation to the ESA’s continued support of SOPA and PIPA, they would fight back by starting a community-wide boycott on coverage of E3 (which is pretty much run completely by the ESA).

As E3 is widely regarded as the largest video game event of the year, where most major game-related companies come out to unveil their latest products, this could be a huge blow to big industry players.  It does indeed have a trickle-down effect: if E3 isn’t attended, the major publishers won’t waste time spending money on it and will likely find themselves needing to withdraw any suppor they once had for the bills.

I stand by them in spirit, but personally I don’t even have tickets to E3 yet, so its sort of moot point.  But in all fairness I won’t be looking to go as long as these shenanigans are still going on.  E3 certainly isn’t a necessity to the industry, I think we would get along just fine without it, but it would cast a bit of a ominous shadow on the industry that may be hard to recover from.  Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a huge game of chicken come E3 time when this all may or may not bubble up really quick.


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