Analyst says EA spent close to $500 Million on SWTOR

Half of a billion.  That’s the number being reported by MarketWatch that EA and Bioware spent on The Old Republic.  I think a lot of us knew that SWTOR had (read: still has) a pretty steep bill, but I don’t think any of us thought it was close to that number.

Considering the initial numbers of $100 to $150 million on development alone, its not too surprising that with building a large server infrastructure and advertising a game for nearly 3 years straight, the final tally would end up being so large.  Marketing for video games can often be stupidly astronomical when compared to development costs.  A small price to pay for success some might say, but I feel like EA may feel this one for awhile.

Considering the heavy price all of those voice actors for the game probably cost for the game’s insistence on voices being used in every dialog (always with several different options), I think this probably contributed greatly.  I hope EA doesn’t have buyer’s remorse over the project, because so far it really is great.  My concern now is just how much is the first expansion going to cost them and will it even be worth it?


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