Sniper Elite V2 is now on my radar

After reading this excellent preview from RockPaperShotgun, I feel confident about putting Sniper Elite V2 on my “games to look forward to” list.  This is a game that looks more in tune with the side of me that craves difficult, slowly-paced games that take time and skill to beat over the quick reflex (and respawn) games of Call of Duty.

The WWII era resurfaces here (we haven’t seen much of it lately) and presents an excellent backdrop for setting booby-traps and picking out positions that will give you a great vantage point.  Instead of relying on running-and-gunning, you must proceed through the game with caution and try to get the drop on enemies first.  Simply running from point to point without much heed for your surroundings is likely to get you killed quick in this game.

What really stands out to me is an elaborate bullet-drop system that takes into account wind, gravity, direction and distance, its the sort of thing sniping enthusiasts would love, but I find myself very intrigued by it as well.  Battlefield games have offered a light amount of this in the past and it makes those headshots feel oh-so-much more satisfying.

Looking forward to a May release on this game this year.  Click here for the full preview.


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