Skyrim Guides: How to cure vampirism

If you have been fighting around the world of Tamriel for awhile, odds are you’ve encountered a vampire by now and they may have infected you.  This is a guide for how to cure vampirism.
Video guide:
First off, if you still only have Sanguinare Vampiris, you can still cure yourself by walking up to any Shrine and activating it.  It takes three days for the disease to turn into full vampirism.
  1. First go to any bartender and ask them about any rumors they’ve heard lately, they will tell you about Falion in Morthal
  2. Falion will tell you he can cure you, but that you will need to fill a black soul gem first with a human soul
    • First obtain a black soul gem, you can buy one from Falion or get one elsewhere (there is one in Broken Fang Cave)
    • Fill the soul gem with a human soul by casting soul trap on an NPC and killing them (also, see my video on how to recharge magic weapons for some easier ways to do this).  The captured soul should be a “Grand” soul.
  3. Return to Falion and ask him to perform the ritual.
  4. Meet Falion at the ritual site at dawn (or about 6 AM).
  5. He will cure you, but check your “active effects” panel under magic just to be sure.
This quest is repeatable anytime you become a vampire.
Thanks everybody, if you have any requests for more guides please let me know!

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