Planned updates for SWTOR

So do I pronounce it swoo-tor?  That’s how I’ve been saying it.  It’s probably better to just say “Old Republic”, but you know how we gamers love our acronyms.  Bioware just recently released their 1.1 update which was mostly fixes for the various bugs, performance issues and glaring imbalances, nothing major.  Bioware doesn’t stand to be content with just what they have, however and do actually plan on putting out some major title updates in the near future.

One of the more content-heavy planned updates is the expansion of the Rakghouls storyline, which for my Jedi Consular played a minor role in the major arc.  This will basically be a second part of the Rise of the Rakghouls storyline.  I can’t speak to how much they play into the major game, I’m at about level 31 right now, I have plenty to go.

Also planned is a new planet called Denova, which will house a new operation, another warezone and may include a new space mission nearby.

Some gameplay features planned are a “Legacy” system which grants abilities and power-ups across your entire family of characters, encouraging multi-character play on servers.  There is also a plan for Guild Banks, which I imagine is exactly what it sounds like.

Looking forward to these updates and more in the near future, let’s hope they address some of those glitches along the way too….


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