Oh BTW, BioWare is still owned by EA, so yes you need Origin for ME3

I’m sure this comes as a shock to nobody, but since Mass Effect 3 is produced by none other than EA Games, that means they will be forcing their Origin service on PC users.  No Steam support for this titles boys.  That gets into the larger question, how is Origin doing?

I think many people have it installed by now as many games were released on the service.  I personally had to install it for Battlefield 3 originally and then used it to download my copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic (which I’ve heard is not required, oddly).  There are other games available on the service, but I generally haven’t paid them much heed, Steam is the first thing I think of.  With a Mass Effect 3 on there, however, I may start to look at their store panel a little more, especially if they throw sales up once in awhile.

Awhile back I also reported that Origin would begin supporting 3rd-party titles, so I think when this thing has matured a little and they’ve worked out some of the kinks, it may be a viable Steam contender.  There’s also a lot of negativity surrounding it because, well, its not Steam, but if EA stays the course they may have something here.


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2 responses to “Oh BTW, BioWare is still owned by EA, so yes you need Origin for ME3”

  1. giantsbane says :


    I’ve been burned too many times by the shoddy service Origin provides and the fact that EA is aware of this but is persisting in shoving it down my throat has made me determined to not purchase any future PC titles that require Origin. I’ll be getting ME3 on xbox.

  2. giantsbane says :

    I think the tipping point for me was around when I was having issues not being able to play the $15 dlc for BF3 I had just purchased on Origin and submitted a ticket to the respective customer support. I received an email 3 days later stating that because I had not followed up and contacted EA again within 3 days of posting my original ticket that they assumed any problems I may have been having had resolved themselves and therefore they were closing the ticket without looking at it. Way to make me feel appreciated…

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