Another Kickstarter game to fund: Guns of Icarus Online

I don’t think the dirigible-combat genre has gotten enough attention lately.  No really, there was a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 back in the day called “Air Bucaneers” that essentially had you and your friends board small zeppelins with cannons and fight each-other.  It was the sort of fun only a group of friends who like to sabotage one another constantly could have.

Guns of Icarus Online looks to bring airship-based combat back into focus and even looks like it is doing an extraordinary job of stylizing it with a Steampunk motif.  I’m impressed with the visuals as much as I am with the concept so that’s why I’ve decided to fund this game through Kickstarter.

The game has already made its goal far before getting to the finish line and so I expect they will raise quite a bit of cash.  So what is this game like and why should you fund them?  It looks like a first-person perspective that will have you controlling various guns as well as piloting an airship with your friends.  This looks like a much more polished version of the game Guns of Icarus, already available on Steam for $4.99.

Being that they’ve already made their goal, it seems like they shouldn’t need much more help, yet I’m surprised by the $10,000 goal, which doesn’t seem like much for a game with this scope.  If you like what you see here I’d say reserve a copy right now and it should give developer Muse Games a little more to work with.

If you’d like to secure a copy (or several) of the game and get beta access, I recommend scooping this up for the recommended $10 and simultaneously help a brother out with development costs.  Check out the preview trailer here:


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