Pic of the week: Skyrim confusion

Meme of the week is now pic of the week.  Why?  Because not everything is a meme, but still is funny enough to warrant your attention.

I hope everybody had a great week.  I feel like I dropped the ball a bit on the videos, I had planned to do a minimum of 3 and ended up with 2.  Really want to do like one every day, but maybe that’s asking too much.  At least one is well produced.

I was pretty psyched to publish my first interview.  I want to do this some more and work my way up some of the gaming industry.

Also, now you guys also know my secret game schedule, so this weekend looks like a lot of Skyrim and SWTOR, I hope finishing Skyrim is worth it.  Have a great weekend guys, see you on Monday!


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About Ryan Saul

Hailing from Portland, OR I work by day and blog by night. I like to consider myself a video game connoisseur, playing as many new things as I can get my hands on. Its hard to hold me down to one game for very long before I move on to the next big thing. Luckily, that works pretty well in terms of video game blogging.

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