Mojang news: Cobalt now available and Minecraft 1.1 update

Mojang, the people who brought you Minecraft are working on a couple of other games and one of them happens to be Cobalt.  I may be checking it out soon to get a feel for what it really is, but if the trailers are any indication, it looks sort of like a Liero/Soldat type of game, maybe without the terraian destruction.  Hit the jump for gameplay video!

I’m interested in seeing what Mojang can do post-Minecraft, whether they will be a one-trick pony or not.  If you’d like to play the game now you can!  Much like Minecraft in its hey-day, you can pre-order the game for a reduced rate to access the alpha build of the game now.

In other news, now seldom-played Minecraft (at least for me) has released their 1.1 patch, which adds such exciting features like:

  • Apples falling from trees!
  • More languages!
  • Sheep that regrow wool!
  • Egg!

Seriously, its nothing to get really excited over.  You can see a launch video for the patch here, but its extremely annoying and I don’t recommend watching it.  At least its nothing like the massive Adventure Update that came out last year.  Hopefully things can pick up for Minecraft again sometime, but for now it seems like Mojang has its sights set elsewhere.


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