“A Night to Remember” quest walkthrough

The best quest in Skyrim is “A Night to Remember”, hands down! After drinking with Sam Guevenne and blacking out, you will be whisked across Skyrim in a mission to find out what happened.  Think “The Hangover” meets Skyrim.  Hit the jump for a quick guide to finding and beating it!

Video guide:

  • Go to all of the major cities taverns, most are right by the entrance of the town
  • Eventually will meet Sam Guevenne, who will challenge you to a drinking contest
  • After taking 3 drinks (offscreen), you will black-out and wake up in a temple
  • Pick up the items strewn about the temple and give them to the priestess
  • Go to Rorikstead and talk to Ennis
    • You can Persuade, Intimidate or even bribe your way through this part
    • If you can’t, you will need to get his goat back for him, you may need to fight a giant
  • Head to Whiterun and find Ysolda, usually in the tavern
    • Again you can persuade, intimidate or bribe
    • If you can’t you will need to travel out to witchgrove to see your bride-to-be Moira
      • fun fact: Moira is the name of the survival guide writer you meet in Fallout 3
  • Then travel to Morvunskar.  Take out all of the dark mages and enter the castle
    • Once inside the castle, defeat more dark mages.  I recommend taking out the shock magic  mage (electromage) first, she does the most damage.
  • Go to the top of the staircase inside and a portal will open up next to the throne.
  • You will enter a mystical grove.  Talk to Sam again and he will reveal himself to be the Daedric prince of mischieft: Sanguine.
  • You will be teleported back to the bar where you started, quest complete!

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